8th course: Jealousy and infidelity

What is jealousy?
What is infidelity?
Do Jealousy is good or bad?
Am I jealous?

8th course of sexual education which took place on July 6 concerned topic of jealousy and infidelity.
Together with our participants we were talking about jealousy and infidelity causes. We have been doing some activities because we feel jealous, if jealousy is bad, and because we think are bad and we can act on occasion as well without using violence. Jealousy and infidelity occur everywhere and with any kind of people, if we get carried away and if we don’t know how to act on occasion so, we can cause problems.



Planning a family

7th course of sexual education which took place on 22 June concerned topic of motherhood parenthood and abortion. Together with our participants we were thinking about what is motherhood and parenthood and also how to plan a family. In Colonia Santa Maria where we are working are families with 8-10 children and parents do not take responsible decisions concerning their families – how many children they want to have etc. This makes a lot of problems later when a family do not have enough resources to ensure proper life for its members. This lead to poverty, health problems, lack of proper education and addictions. That is why this topic is very important.

We were discussing what is unplanned child, what options are in terns of planning family and what is abortion and if it’s wrong. There were coffee break always as well as a lottery. This time we donated electric grill. It will serve a  family good since  summer has started.

Cinema in Rosalico

Child Day after us but that’s not the only day when we can do something for children. That’s why on last Friday 14th June we made a real cinema in our headquarters. Since the movie we showed was Ratatouille, also we prepared something to eat for our guests. There were sweets, drinks and of course popcorn apart of all. The viewers were mainly youngsters but as well some adults decided to come. Also as always we had a little lottery for the children so they could win some toys etc. It was very warm and pleasant afternoon so we decided to make it every month. I wonder what movie we will see next…

Check photos from event here


Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV

Sexually transmitted infections and HIV were topics of our next Course of Education Sexual on 25th May. We were answering questions like:

What are sexually transmitted diseases?

What is HIV and AIDS?

How I can prevent these infections?

How can I identify them?

Traditionally we had coffee break and a lottery, this time we donate fan because it’s getting hot in Mexico now.

Reducir Reutilizar Reciclar

It was real fun and great experience working with the children from kindergarten in Colona Santa Maria on Monday and Friday 13th and 17th May. At first day we had came there with our friends – animals from the forest which helped us to teach children to take care about their nearest surrounding by separating trash into appropriate containers. We did a small theatre play with the animals and then children had to help them to clean the forest by finding and separating paper, plastic bottles and cans.

On the second day we made crafts with plastic bottles – Owls (although some of them looked more like a penguins, anyway children and their parents had fun)

Here You can see how to do it as well


And very nice song explaining the aim of the workshop – Reducir, Reutilizar, Reciclar


And some photos from the workshops

Contraceptivos and responsible reproduction

The 4th Course of sexual education which took place on 11tth May concerned topic of contraceptivos and responsible reproduction. This problem is serious especially in Colonia Santa Maria where we work. Our beneficiares often have more than 5-6 children without having enough resources to raise them. That is why we were answering basic questions regarding this theme like what are contraceptivos? How many types are and how to use them¡ And how to plan the family?

Traditionally we had prepared coffe break and a lottery in the end of the course. This time we donated a microwave. We had more participants then before so we are glad that the courses are becoming more popular in Colonia de Santa Maria. Here come some photos.

Understanding sexual education

The 3rd course on sexual education, which took place on 27th April was tackling the topic of sexual orientation. This is quite serious topic here because tolerance for homosexual orientation is very little here. Together we were thinking of what is sexual orientation? How many of them exist? What is sexual orientation discrimination? And more

Traditionally the participants were divided into three groups (children, youth and adults) working on same theme but with different methods. Also because of upcoming Child’ Day all the children received a gift, and also we had a lottery for winning a bed. After the 3rd course we can say that the participants created a more or less the same group which is good because it ensures that people are enjoying the course and on the other hand are learning a lot.