Planning a family

7th course of sexual education which took place on 22 June concerned topic of motherhood parenthood and abortion. Together with our participants we were thinking about what is motherhood and parenthood and also how to plan a family. In Colonia Santa Maria where we are working are families with 8-10 children and parents do not take responsible decisions concerning their families – how many children they want to have etc. This makes a lot of problems later when a family do not have enough resources to ensure proper life for its members. This lead to poverty, health problems, lack of proper education and addictions. That is why this topic is very important.

We were discussing what is unplanned child, what options are in terns of planning family and what is abortion and if it’s wrong. There were coffee break always as well as a lottery. This time we donated electric grill. It will serve a  family good since  summer has started.


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