Foundation Rosalico goes in the field

Francesca Perocco and Michal Klopocki our volunteers went to give workshop about taking care about enviroment in high-school Centro Escolar Aparicio in Puebla at 15th April. The worksop is part of 3 – module course which aims at : – promoting the culture of recycling for the benefit of our environment – learning to distinguish between different materials and as separate – reflecting on how young people can help at home to care for the environment by recycling, how, where, what else can they do?) During the course we will provide basic knowledge about environment and its global problems, will be working on skills (how to recicle) and develope an attitude for taking care about our planet. The course is based on non – fomal education methodology (using variety of methods, interactive as games, simulations, discussions and teamwork etc., direct participation of young people and learning from each others.). During the first class, participants learned basic terms related to the environment (global warming, recycling, pollution etc.). We were working with 3 classes, 90 young people. In the second session participants will learn about the different types of materials that can be recycled and how it can be separated. The last session will focus on developing practical solutions in homes and school of learers, what can be done to make better a situation? Due to exams next course will take place in june.


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