Navidad por Todos – great success!

More than 200 persons came to Christtmas dinner organized by us on 23rd December in our base in Puebla. Our guests were people with whom we have been cooperating during recycling workshops in the project Reciclando – Educando – Cambiando and others who do not had enough resources to make Christmas feast.

At first we had have a short press conference where we had been presenting our Foundation, and our projects. and then a real party began.

Since there were a lot of children, apart from the food we had a lot of attractions like Pinatas, toys, invited guests like Woody from Toy Story, and of course Santa Claus who gave away the gifts for children.

In total we gave away

100 kilo of pasta
200 chicken
500 kilo of potatoes
300 kilo of tomatoes
300 kilo of onion
200 kilo of carrot
And many sweets, clothes and toys

We would like to thanks here all ours sponsors which are:

  • Amma Yoga Center
  • Antonio Chavez Gonzalez
  • Banco de Alimentos
  • Corrugados del Altiplano
  • Faurecia
  • Fiesta Inn
  • Filosos
  • Fraccionamiento Paseos de Cholula
  • Geisa, S.A. De C.V
  • Montequipo
  • Rock Cafe
  • San Diego School
  • Studio By Soco
  • Suprema Salsa
  • Tecnologio de Monterrey
  • Torsacor

Your help has contributed to creation a real Christmas atmosphere both on spot during the event as well as the day after in families during this magical time.

Below You can see some photos from the event


DSC01814 DSC01821 DSC01818 DSC01810 DSC01809 DSC01776 DSC01790 DSC01796 DSC01804 DSC01764 DSC01758 DSC01755 DSC01752 DSC01749 DSC01743 DSC01744 DSC01745 DSC01747 DSC01748 DSC01741 DSC01730 DSC01724 DSC01708 DSC01702 DSC01686 DSC01688 DSC01694 DSC01695 DSC01697 DSC01680


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