Christmas for Everybody – You can help

CHRISTMAS FOR EVERYBODY! NAVIDAD PARA TODOS is a project that Fundación Rosalico organises for those families which do not have economical resources to make Christmas dinner.

The objective of the event is to  offer Christmas menu for 50 families threatened by social exclusion in Puebla city. The event focuses on bringing the magic of Christmas to those families.

As children we all have a beautiful memory of Christmas dinners, with gifts, lots of food, Christmas trees and lights, unfortunately many families do not have it for lack of money. Fundación Alianzas Rosalico offers a Christmas menu for families to prepare dinner at Christmas Eve and so spend some time with the family and live in the light of Christmas at home.


The event will be held on 23rd December at 11:00 am in the base of the Foundation, where there will be a small celebration with piñatas, punch, bonuses and gifts for children.

For whom?

The Foundation will select families according to their socioeconomic status, it will be 50 families which will have to deliver an entry pass at the event and a “cover” of 3 kilos of pet.

Christmas Menu

Pasta spaghetti

Chicken in red sauce accompanied by mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.

Apple Christmas salad

What do we need?

Pasta spaghetti

150 raw chickens

150 kilos tomatoes

Various chillie

Vegetables ( potatoes, tomatoes, carrots etc)

150 kg green apples

25 kg cream

4 Piñatas

Sweets  and toys for piñatas

Sweets for bonuses



Gifts for children.

Cups, spoons, napkins etc

So if You feel like You could help ocntact us or You can donate some moeny all the information are in Contact us board.

What is Piñata? 

A piñata is a container made often of paper, pottery, or cloth and decorated, filled with small toys and/or candy, and then broken as part of a ceremony or celebration like birthdays and also Christmas. Children always have a lot of fun playing with it (because it shapes as stars, animals or any creature you like) and it is something that cannot be missed on this occasion


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