Segundo Curso Interactivo 20 Nov 2012

How much garbage produced Mexican each day? What is the percentage of polluted rivers and lakes in Mexico? What we can recycle in Mexico?  This and more questions, were answering 15 persons on second workshop about recycling and the first leading by our international volunteers Francesca and Michal. Since we have start with a bit of theory last month (what is recycling, why it is worthy to do, what we can recycle and how) now it came time to demonstrate what the participants have learned in practice. So after quick reminder what we have done previously and short integration game to get to know each others better participants have played in Snakes and Stairs – a board game adapted for recycling topic. The rivalry was fierce for also the prizes were worthy –  clothes, scarfs, handbags and  teddy bears for children. Our participants have presented big knowledge about recycling and have proved that they are already experts in this field which is not suprising since most of them already recycle a lot of things, for benefit of them and environment in Mexico.


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