First recycling course Reciclando – Educando – Cambiando

Finally we have started actions in the projhect Educando – Reciclando – Cambiando. on 9th Ocotber in our base we did first course of recycling for the people threathened by social exclusion, who by recycle can not only save enviroment in Mexico but as well improve their economic situation by selling garbage to recycle centres like ours.

So what are the benefits of recycling? What are the consequences of not recycling? What is PET and what do means those strange numbers in the bottom of every plastic bottle? On those and much more questions have been answering our experts during the first course (Importancia del Reciclaje) in the project of Fundacion Alianzas Rosalico, Reciclando – Educando – Cambiando (recycling, educating, changing) at 8th Sept in Puebla. In the course took part almost 30 participants, people od different age and occupation interested in taking care of environment and make Mexico more cleaner place. A lot of questions has been raised during the meeting which proves that participants were not bored. I believe the knowledge they gained during the course will allow them not only to recycle their own trash but also spread what they have learned in their surrounding. This project will be as well promoted in San Mateo Ozolco on this Sunday during 1st Fiesta de Mais (Cornfest).


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